Although crane companies and operators aren’t in a shortage, finding one you can rely on and trust to do the job well can be difficult. After reading this article you’ll be able to narrow down what to look for when getting an operator on your site to ensure maximum safety and workflow.

What Do Crane Operators Do?

As you can expect, operating a crane is a little more complicated than picking up and lifting large objects or equipment from one place to another.

A lot of set up goes into operating a crane. Checks have to be made to ensure adequate safety measures are in place. 

Before crane operation even commences, the operator must check the ground topography and soil to make sure it is a stable and suitable base for the crane. They then set the crane up on-site, laying out all the necessary measures and inspecting the equipment to ensure everything is in good working condition.

The operator is also in charge of assessing the weather conditions are suitable for operation and that the crane’s capacity is enough to lift the load required.

Licenses and Qualifications

If you’re a crane operator working in Australia, you could be required to have a high-risk work license appropriate for the equipment you are going to use.

To get these, training must be completed under a supervisor, with appropriate hours logged at the end. Once obtained, the licence is valid for 5 years. Not every crane requires a high-risk licence, but you should always make sure your operators are qualified and their licences, if needed, are still valid.

Another item necessary for construction work is a white card. This must be obtained if your employment causes you to routinely enter an operational construction zone. These are valid until the cardholder hasn’t undertaken construction work for two consecutive years.

Essential Skills of Crane Operators

Working with large construction equipment is more than just a few qualifications, it also requires trained skills.

In finding a suitable operator, qualities such as prolonged concentration, multitasking, good eyesight, depth perception and knowledge of equipment and safety issues are all essential.

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