Mounted on trucks or crawlers and moved around and between construction sites, mobile cranes truly are all-purpose machines. Sometimes having a crane at just one location isn’t enough – and that’s where mobile cranes come into function. With many advantages over traditional tower cranes, hiring a mobile crane is a wise choice.


Mobile cranes, especially when compared to traditional tower cranes, are extremely versatile. Just one crane can be used to complete many different tasks.

Maximum Manoeuvrability

Mobile cranes are designed to operate effectively in tight spaces, making them ideal for cramped construction sites in metropolitan areas. Often, in urban environments, there can be multiple hazards and obstructions encountered, which mobile cranes are able to overcome due to their easy manoeuvrability. They’re able to fit into narrow streets, entrance spaces and other places where static cranes may not be able to fit.

They don’t compromise when it comes to terrain either: they’re equally roadworthy on uneven and difficult terrain as they are on smooth and easy surfaces.

Whether they’re servicing multiple sites simultaneously or transporting materials between them, mobile cranes work effectively as a by-product of their intelligent designs.


Easy to use and flexible, a mobile crane can access small and congested areas and carry out the task with ease – ensuring the safety of workers on the site.

Smaller Footprint

Mobile cranes do not require as much room to operate as traditional tower cranes, nor do they require a designated area to operate within, which allows for more space on a job site. The smaller the footprint taken up by the crane, the more space available for other machinery and building supplies to operate.

Lifting Capacity

Although mobile cranes are smaller than traditional tower cranes, this doesn’t mean they compromise on lifting capacity. Mobile cranes come in a variety of lifting capacities, with different models capable of lifting tens to hundreds of tons. Many have heavy-duty axles alongside innovative hydraulic power, which renders them capable of lifting loads to large heights – satisfying your job requirement needs.

Reduced Set Up Costs

Mobile cranes are able to begin lifting very shortly after they are delivered to your job site, whereas tower cranes require both significant amounts of time and labour to assemble. This is ideal for all jobs, but especially those with a shorter time frame, as they’ll spend less time setting up the crane. Furthermore, mobile cranes can be easily positioned on a job site, making the entire process smoother and faster – reducing set-up costs by proxy.

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