Cranes can generally be placed into two categories: mobile or fixed. Although both have their strengths and weaknesses, in this article, we explore the benefits of hiring a small mobile crane.


A small mobile crane is highly mobile and not fixed to a specific location once set up. They can be relocated as needed. Furthermore, most small mobile cranes are roadworthy. This means that if your project requires a crane at multiple sites, you will be able to complete the work with one small mobile crane – and may also be able to use the crane to transport heavy materials between the two sites.

Compact and Strong

Small mobile cranes are compact, without compromising on lifting capabilities. Not only are they able to lift heavy objects, but they are also able to lift more than one at the same time. This is due to the multiple axles and improved hydraulic power within small cranes. This is especially advantageous on an urban construction site, where the size of a small mobile crane makes it able to be used in tight access lifts and limited spaces, whilst also maintaining strength and power.


Flexibility and mobility make cranes safer, as they are able to securely access narrow spaces and handle heavy objects. This makes it safer for the workers operating the machinery.

Fast Set-Up Time

Mobile cranes have short set-up times and require little labour to set up, as they are an all-inclusive vehicle. As they can also be driven on suburban roads, they will essentially be ready to lift once it arrives on the project site.

Therefore, if your project has time constraints, hiring a mobile crane will be advantageous, and will likely allow you to finish on time.


The versatility of a small mobile crane means that a construction business does not need to hire multiple cranes to carry out the same process.

Furthermore, as mobile cranes require less time and labour to set up than tower cranes, you will likely need to hire them for a reduced amount of time. Therefore, your job will likely be completed sooner, making the total cost of hiring a small mobile crane significantly lower than its counterparts.


Small mobile cranes have a variety of applications. They may be used for fitting into a small space and for heavy lifting on construction sites. They may also be used for precision lifts inside large buildings, as well as domestic lifting including moving containers, furniture and pools.

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