All Terrain Crane Rental

What Are All Terrain Cranes?

Cranes come in a range of lifting capacities, mobility options, and specialisations. On the first level, there are two crane varieties, slewing cranes and pick and carry cranes. Pick and carry cranes operate much like forklifts, they use their drive systems to align their load, and move the load over short distances or around worksites. Normally of low lifting capacity, pick and carry cranes are best used for cross site mobility, installs and low-height work.

A slewing crane is operated from a cabin and mounted on either a truck or all terrain chassis. The slewing mechanism allows 360 degree rotation of the boom arm, tilting, manoeuvrability and precision when handling materials. These tend to be higher weight capacity, and useful for lift jobs around obstacles, to heights, or transferring cargo from one vehicle to another. What makes an all terrain crane is how the vehicle mount is designed. Characterised by off road tyres, lifted undercarriages and bottom plating, all terrain cranes retain the mobility of a road truck crane, with the added benefit of flexibility around muddy or rough ground work sites.

Why Use An All Terrain Crane?

When organising crane rentals, often a job requires only a short time for lifting work, and can be then utilised across the city at another site. All terrain cranes are incredibly useful in such a scenario. Being mounted on a road-legal chassis, your all terrain crane rental can be transferred under its own power across a number of sites in one day, with little extra worry needed for access or mobility issues for rougher sites. Finally, all terrain cranes offer both high lifting capacities and self-contained telescopic boom arms. This reduces set up times and extra support vehicles disrupting a working site.

Because of their usability, mobility and quick set up, all terrain cranes are designed by international crane manufacturers with an enormous range of lifting capacities. Call our friendly team to find the right all terrain crane for your lifting jobs, no matter the weight, reach or site conditions.

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