Crane Dry Hire Service

What Is Dry Hire?

With construction equipment rentals, there are often two options for the rental, wet or dry hire. Crane dry hire is when you get the crane delivered on site, and your team must supply an operator. Wet hire means that for a higher fee, your crane is supplied with one of our highly trained and experienced team members for the duration of the crane rental job. The reasons to choose wet or dry hire often come down to budget, job difficulty, or simply whether your team includes an experienced crane operator.

Benefits of Crane Dry Hire

Like most decisions made on a work site, choosing a wet or dry hire often is a matter of balancing the positives and negatives against your budget, your team, and your risk management.

Budget Constraints

Firstly, it is much cheaper to rent a dry hire crane. This is because you are paying only for the equipment, and the staff hours associated with pre-rental checks and delivery to site. You might choose dry hire for a number of reasons. Possibly you know a skilled free-lance operator you can sub-contract for the job, or perhaps you have a site member who is qualified and experienced at crane operating hired for other duties.

If you do go for wet hire, you will have to pay the rates of the operator on top of the equipment costs, including the time spent on site waiting for work to be prepared.

Operator Skill

This is often the sticking point for most wet or dry hire decisions. Do you want the skill and expertise associated with using the same machine regularly? Wet hire comes with the advantage of intimate knowledge of the crane, avoiding issues and user-caused on site breakdowns. Your jobs will likely be completed quicker, safer and with more confidence.

Choosing your own employee can save significant costs, and there will be time savings on briefing the operator because your team have been working on the project and know exactly what is needed and expected. You know the operator, and they will likely be able to predict issues before they arise.

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