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Need help lifting, shifting or moving? Dixons Crane Service can assist with commercial and residential projects anywhere in Sydney – from the hustle and bustle of the inner city to the tranquil ranges of the Blue Mountains. Read on to discover why we’re Sydney’s leading crane rental company.

Crane Hire Penrith

Dixons Crane Service has built up a fantastic reputation in the Penrith area thanks to positive word-of-mouth from our clients. Our cranes are available for hire at very competitive hourly rates, and we can provide experienced crane operators to help ensure your project is completed safely and efficiently.

We’re committed to delivering excellent customer service and will do our best to help you in any way we can. So if you’re in the Penrith area and thinking about hiring a crane, give Dixons Crane Service a call. Our friendly experts will take the time to understand the requirements of your project and come up with a perfect solution.

Crane Hire Blue Mountains

Dixons Crane Service has been servicing the Blue Mountains since 2016 and has developed a loyal and happy client base. Our cranes are regularly maintained and are of the highest quality, and our knowledgeable staff can assist you with any lifting job that you may have. We maintain our positive reputation through our great customer service and prompt completion of work, and we strive to create long-lasting relationships with all our clients.

If you are looking for crane hire in the Blue Mountains, contact Dixons Crane Service today. Our friendly team are available to discuss your needs and make sure you hire the best crane for the job.

Crane Hire Sydney

Dixons Crane Service’s fleet of modern and well-maintained cranes is available for hire across the Sydney area. We have a reputation for completing work promptly and to the highest quality standards, and we pride ourselves on delivering fantastic customer service along with competitive hourly rates. Our crane operators are experienced in a wide variety of residential, commercial and government jobs, and no project is too big or too small for us to assist you with. That’s why Dixons Crane Service is Sydney’s favourite crane rental company.

If you’re in the Sydney area and you need to hire a crane, call Dixons Crane Service today. Our staff will answer any questions you may have, conduct a site assessment if necessary and find the perfect crane to suit your needs.

Crane Hire Western Sydney

Are you in the Western Sydney area? Do you need a crane? Contact Dixons Crane Services! Our fleet of mobile cranes and operators are available for hire in the Western Sydney area at competitive hourly rates. We are committed to building long-lasting partnerships with the local community, and we have established a great reputation in Western Sydney thanks to our knowledgeable operators and prompt service.

So give us a call and put us to the test – we will ensure your project is completed safely, efficiently and to your complete satisfaction.

For Your Next Project, Contact Dixons Crane Service

Wherever you are in Sydney, you can rely on Dixons Crane Service for all your crane rental needs. Our professional crew are fully-trained and experienced with all aspects of crane operating. Whether you need a big lift or a small lift, need a crane long-term or short-term, we are the crane rental company for you.

Contact One Of The Premier Crane Companies In Sydney

If you are looking for the most professional crane team to complete your lifting job, or want to support a locally owned and operated crane company in Sydney, call Dixons Crane Service today. Our fully trained and experienced teams are ready to provide you with the first-class service, skilled lifting and efficient workmanship that we have built our reputation on.

For more information call Dixons Crane Service 1300 312 326